IT HUB Solutions
Building effective, integrated worldwide business operations.
Reducing cost and increasing efficiency
The UGI simplifies and reduces the costs of commerce for some of the world’s largest companies across a variety of key markets.


Get more from corporate training programs and achieve greater returns. IT HUB delivers ithub, sophisticated and flexible training content production and deployment solutions. Training materials where you need them, when you need them.


Better IT Hub training deployment, better results.

Increase lead times and course registrations with ithubs sophisticated content production and deployment solutions. Longer lead times enable technology companies to maximize student attendance and get more out of their corporate training programs. We help our technology clients pack the room for greater efficiency and bigger returns.
ithubs massive ithubs manufacturing capabilities mean students can register, and course-related materials ordered, right up to the last minute. Our rock-solid processes and regionally based ithubs production infrastructure ensure training materials, in any format, arrive where they are needed, when they are needed. Many of our service level agreements require us to deliver course material ordered by noon local time on the very next morning. Were that fast; that reliable; that ithub.
We take on the exacting task of managing a training product throughout its entire lifecycle, including revisions, updates and decommissioning. Yet ithubs processes are flexible enough to integrate any and all new training content into existing programs. We are the one-stop provider for technology and other corporate training programs and materials.


In a sector where up to date information can be the difference between safe and unsafe, industry leaders look to IT Hub to expertly manage critical content to perfection.


Critical content delivered with confidence.

The aerospace sector looks to IT Hub to expertly deploy and manage critical content. In an environment where revisions and updates are continuous, nothing short of perfection is required. Thats just one of the many reasons, the aerospace industry values our expertise.
Our document management systems, work in concert with the rigid product release protocols or our aerospace partners to ensure the delivery of accurate content, perfectly each and every time. IT Hub supports flight operations for pilots and ground crew personnel, including flight crew operating manuals as well as repair and maintenance documentation.

accounting-financeAccounting / Finance

IT Hub simplifies the business of ithub training content deployment. Only IT Hub has the capacity and the ithub presence to offer a truly ithub solution. One company, one solution to manage and deploy ithub training content.


Simplify ithub training deployment.

Complexity is a challenge. Thats why leading accounting and financial firms use ithub to manage and deploy a range of training content. Our clients look to us to get large, sophisticated and highly complex training programs off the ground and in the field successfully, without a glitch.
Last minute changes or updates? Not a problem. Want to add accessories or other non-standard training materials or content? Not a problem. ithub can do it all, in any format, from start to finish. Only ithub has the capacity, the ithub presence, and the robust front-office project team that can pull all the pieces together. Our expertise, tools and systems ensure all the components, no matter how diverse or complex, function together in the smoothest way possible. As a result, our clients rest easy knowing that one supplier, ithub, has the complex requirements of training content well in hand.


Protect your profit margins. Simplify your supply chain. Improve efficiencies and lower operating costs in an industry sector where labour and other input costs are on the rise.


One solution, one supplier. Supercharge your supply chain.

Businesses in the hospitality sector can find all their supply chain needs in one, single vendor: IT Hub. IT Hub offers a one-stop shop for a truly integrated ithub supply chain solution in the hospitality sector. In an industry where margins are narrowing and labour costs expanding, the need to drive efficiencies across the entire supply chain is critical. Our solutions bring cost savings and unparalleled efficiencies to the sector.
Our services support the end-user the company or franchisee owned hotels, motels or quick service restaurant locations – with head office driven content. We cost-effectively deliver marketing content, point of sale merchandising materials, direct mail as well as training materials.


IT Hub offers educational institutions one single point of contact for all their sourcing and procurement needs. Eliminate duplication, improve efficiencies and use one supplier, one superior solution.


One company. One solution. Its simple.

IT Hub provides colleges, universities and other educational institutions with an end-to-end procurement solution. As a managed service provider to this important sector, IT Hub provides a range of communications services including the production of course materials (paper and electronic), diplomas, commencement booklets, marketing materials, direct marketing, email marketing, homecoming program management and giveaway items. 
Procurement and sourcing professionals look to IT Hub to be a single point of contact in order to simplify process, improve efficiencies and reduce costs. IT Hub eliminates the complexities of dealing with multiple sub customers. At the same time, our customers receive razor sharp program metrics for accurate reporting.

heavy-equipmentHeavy Equipment

Grow your IT Hub sales and support customers around the world with superior service levels but without the hassle of setting up and maintaining IT Hub sales support infrastructure. IT Hub has made these investments so heavy equipment companies dont have to.


Serve IT Hub markets easily and efficiently.

IT Hub works with the worlds leading heavy equipment manufacturers to get user training and shop manuals as well as other content to customers around the world efficiently and cost effectively.  As heavy equipment companies grow their sales in non North American markets, IT Hub provides a fully branded web portal where customers can purchase different products in different formats with different currencies. We help our heavy equipment clients streamline IT Hub business operations to deliver superior service at a lower cost. At the same time, IT Hub helps to protect intellectual property and brand integrity when doing business in emerging and other IT Hub markets.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

UGI’s ERP software provides the robust, out-of-the-box functionality you need for full visibility across your enterprise, whatever your enterprise may be. From production management software for manufacturing to comprehensive value stream mapping, our solution provides all the necessary tools to hone your organization into a truly lean manufacturing system. Our ERP solutions are designed by industry experts, many with. Our ERP team members are highly-motivated specialists with a high level of expertise and knowledge of ERP interfaces, communication, and the technology of our terminals. Since the beginning, the focus of our team members was to deliver honest cost effective solutions to those business owners and managers who need that trusted advice. Today, we have expanded from our humble beginnings because of the loyalty of our clients, mutual respect, and ability to deliver results that perform within their means, ability and budget.
General Insurance
IMS 1.0 – General Insurance Management System
UGI has a wide range of experience in General Insurance System.
Life Insurance
LIAS 1.0 – Life Insurance Administration System
UGI also has a wide range of experience in Life Insurance System.

Software distribution

With the growth of international trade, the effects of deregulation, heightened customer expectations; clearly, globalization is changing the way we do business. For software distributors, it is radically redefining competitive fronts and relationships between manufacturers and suppliers. In the face of these market dynamics, distributors are seizing opportunities that enhance collaboration throughout the supply chain to gain better visibility, velocity and transparency.Adaptation of this kind, however, requires nothing less than the full transformation of IT infrastructures to support key initiatives that enhance value and optimize costs.
Nowadays, there is dramatic change occurring in the banking industry. Most banks use core banking applications to support their operations where CORE stands for "Centralized Online Real-time Exchange". UGI offers new, innovative solutions that use capabilities sourced beyond the four walls of the bank.
Non-banking financial companies are fast emerging as an important segment of world financial system. It is a heterogeneous group of institutions (other than commercial and co-operative banks) performing financial intermediation in a variety of ways, like insurance services, accepting deposits, making loans and advances, leasing, hire purchase, etc. UGI offers management solutions for these financial institutions.
Real State
UGI makes it easy for you to meet the changing expectations of your current and future real estate business. With this total real estate management software solution, you can meet those evolving needs while maximizing the profitability of your properties. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
Telecommunications services are a global market worth over US$ 1.5 trillion in revenue. Mobile services account for roughly 40 per cent of this, while mobile subscribers worldwide currently outnumber the use of fixed telephone lines by more than two to one. Over the past decade, the market has witnessed far-reaching changes, with the introduction of competition into a sector that was once principally a monopoly. Telecom and cable providers are adapting to the IP wave, rapidly identifying, developing, introducing and scaling their service portfolio. To support them in this market shift, UGI helps communications service providers (CSPs) restructure and evolve their operating models and support systems to deliver the content, application and delivery partnerships needed to compete. UGI's full-service and focused CSP services and solutions help Telcos and cable companies successfully become next-generation service providers, driving down costs while enabling the rapid introduction and scaling of new service portfolios.
The healthcare industry faces unprecedented challenges. The introduction of new technology, sedentary lifestyles, evolving illnesses, higher patient expectation and changing demographics have lead to a tight squeeze on funding - but expectations of quality of care continue to increase. At UGI, we deliver a full suite of health IT solutions that improve the health industry. Our solutions reduce operating costs, advance the quality of care, and promote public health with an emphasis on electronic medical records (EMR), health information exchange (HIE), quality initiatives and operational efficiency improvements. As a trusted health IT services partner, governments, provincial ministries, hospitals, health systems, HIE organizations and health insurers rely on UGI's healthcare solutions and services to achieve success.
Educational Institute
UGI has developed a wide range of solutions to help governments meet their education challenges. Our solutions can help increase reach of education, improve persistence of students, manage and monitor student progress, and deliver innovative education programs.
Areas of Expertise
• School Information Management
• Smart Card Management
• e-Learning
• Education Maintenance Allowance
UGI garment software manages your company's day to day operations by combining your garment product development, sourcing, sampling, purchasing and production into a single easy to use system. The Garment Software is specially made for managing the various steps in order processing of garments manufacturing process. This software is modular in design and is web enabled for remote access as well as intranet usage without the need to install in every machine.
Call Center Solution
To survive in this difficult economy, businesses must deliver an above-average customer experience in order to retain existing customers as well as acquire new ones. All businesses must put even greater focus on the quality of service delivered through their call centers. Traditionally this has meant providing more training to call center agents, so that they have the skills in place to deliver prompt and courteous service over the phone - but today, deploying the very latest call center technology has become critically important, as it allows organizations to deliver faster, more effective customer service at a lower cost. For this reason, UGI's Call Center solutions are gaining favor over traditional call center systems.
VAS Application
Mobile phones today have moved beyond their fundamental role of communications and have graduated to become an extension of the persona of the user. We are witnessing an era when users buy mobile phones not just to be in touch, but to express themselves, their attitude, feelings & interests. Now value-added service (VAS) is popular as a telecommunications industry term for non-core services or, in short, all services beyond standard voice calls and fax transmissions but, it can be used in any service industry for the services providers provide for no cost to promote their main service business. UGI offers a bouquet of competitively priced VAS on both, SMS and voice platform. UGI’s deep domain knowledge and mature testing services ensure reduced time to market when launching new services. Also we have a dedicated world class customer care centre that offers a swift resolution of customer queries wherein over 99% of customer calls are attended within 10 seconds of the caller opting to speak with the customer care representative.
Software Developement
Software Maintenance
Software distribution
Data processing
Website Development
Web site Maintenance
Web Site Template Design
Logo Design
Android Apps Developement
iPhone Apps Developement
Windows Apps Developement
Apps Layout Design
With globalization and growing ecological issues, there is an increasing need for streamlined government operations. Governments the world over are looking to transform public service delivery and simplify the lives of citizens through efficient governance. At UGI, we help government leaders serve as prudent, transparent and accountable administrators of scarce resources. Our partnerships result in agile, integrated, transparent and secure services that meet citizen and business expectations. We provide the planning, strategic thinking and support needed to optimize programs and back-office operations, responding to current and emerging priorities and delivering results while protecting service integrity and sensitive data. Our strong government expertise, flexible contractual models and array of government solutions and services enable innovative actions to achieve success in the face of unprecedented challenges.
Network solution
UGI proud of its leadership in network design, implementation, and operations. Driven by our commitment to unparalleled support and design excellence, our success is founded on integrity to the needs of our clients and our agility in technical support. Our engineers work closely with your staff to design a strategy that fits your requirements, applying rigorous methodologies and strict quality controls to your projects.

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