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IMS Overview

One of the major challenges facing any growing organization is bringing all its diverse functions into perfect sync with each other. Too often, islands of information exist within an organization, which in turn, create bottlenecks between departments. Indeed, in the age of information, the need to channel data smoothly and thoroughly is integral to success.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a crucial stepping-stone to achieving that success in today’s business environment. An international standard for implementing high-quality business processes, it enables companies to integrate their driver functions into a lightly-knit whole. By connecting the various facts of modern-day business, ERP enables companies to grow by sharing information and resources.

IMS is an ERP solution framework which offers solution for all critical business flows of a general insurance company.

Module & Functionality

Insurance Management System includes all back-office and front-office functions necessary for everyday operations of core general insurance business process as well as usual financial accounting, HR, Payroll, asset etc functions. It has a user friendly interface and offers cost effective and fast system implementation. The key modules and features of the software are given below:

Major Modules

· Marine underwriting

· Fire underwriting

· Motor underwriting

· Miscellaneous

· Claim Management

· Co-Insurance

· Re-Insurance


· Accounting Management

· Fixed Asset Management

· Customer / client visit

· Board meeting


· Payroll

· FDR Management