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Telecommunications services are a global market worth over US$ 1.5 trillion in revenue. Mobile services account for roughly 40 per cent of this, while mobile subscribers worldwide currently outnumber the use of fixed telephone lines by more than two to one. Over the past decade, the market has witnessed far-reaching changes, with the introduction of competition into a sector that was once principally a monopoly. Telecom and cable providers are adapting to the IP wave, rapidly identifying, developing, introducing and scaling their service portfolio. To support them in this market shift, UGI helps communications service providers (CSPs) restructure and evolve their operating models and support systems to deliver the content, application and delivery partnerships needed to compete. UGI’s full-service and focused CSP services and solutions help Telcos and cable companies successfully become next-generation service providers, driving down costs while enabling the rapid introduction and scaling of new service portfolios.